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In virtually all areas of business, a new, improved model comes along and surpasses the competition. In the beef industry, that leader is Certified Angus Beef-beef so superior it has passed scrupulous evaluation for quality and is regarded as the best money can buy.

Certified Angus Beef was launched in 1978 by the American Angus Association to enable consumers to purchase a consistent, high quality, specification –branded beef product at licensed restaurants. Certified Angus Beef is a federally registered trademark owned by the American Angus Association, the largest breed registry association in the world.


In addition, all packing plants, processors and distributors must be licensed by American Angus Association to produce and market under the Certified Angus trademark insuring the monitoring of the product from “the packing plant to the dinner plate”.

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The Certified Angus Beef label insure the product will be superior in taste, tenderness and juiciness through strict specifications which allow for only one in five cattle identified as available for Certified Angus classification to finally be labeled and marketed as Certified Angus Beef.


The Hereford Grill is proud to continue our commitment to serving our customers the finest product we can produce or find. We rely on Certified Angus Beef to meet the demand. Our clients know the value of maintaining a top quality reputation.

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